Logo For The New High School

photo 2Our daughter Maddy is very talented in the area of art. She can do most anything with a pen, paint brush or computer mouse. We have turned Maddy lose to work with the staff of our new Christian high school in Armenia Bonito. She has designed the school logo, the mascot and is making room signs to indicate the classroom numbers, office, bathrooms, etc. Maddy would like us to point out that the logo pictured here is a very rough draft.

photo 1When she is done with the logo she will paint it as a six foot mural on the front of the school. The same design will be used for patches on the school uniforms, on the front of the PE t-shirts and on all the letterhead and business cards.

It is a blessing to be able to utilize her skills. The staff of the school has said it is a great joy to work with Maddy. They are amazed at her many original ideas and her ability to incorporate their suggestions. We love that Maddy is being able to use the gifts God has given her to bring him glory.