Our Presbyterian Church In La Fe

photoLa Fe is one of the poorest communities in all of La Ceiba. Our teammates Mike and Ashley Troxell worked daily in La Fe for two years until they left for furlough in November. Before the Troxells went on furlough they selected Ovidio as the pastor of our church plant in La Fe. Mike Troxell spent lots of time praying with and discipling Ovidio. Those weekly discipling duties have fallen on Mike Pettengill until the Troxells return to La Ceiba in May.

Ovido’s new church is called Iglesia La Fe de Hermosa (Beautiful Church of La Fe). Ovidio is leading three services a week in the humble building he constructed out of tree branches, 2”x4”s and corrugated tin. He preaches and plays the guitar at each service. Last week 40 adults and photo 2children attended one service. It looks like we may need to expand their humble little church building only weeks after it was constructed.

We have supplied the church with dozens of Bibles, chairs and the materials needed to construct their temple. Pastor Ovidio has been given dozens of Spanish language theology books written by Piper, Sproul, Spurgeon, etc. Mike helps Ovidio pray through and talk through theological, logistical and personal issues.

This is a humble beginning in a super-poor community. Please be in prayer for pastor Ovidio, our Presbyterian church plant and the people of La Fe.