The High School Is About To Open

photo 1On February 10th our high school will open. Seriously, what business do we have opening this high school? A bunch of gringos, with no money, no experience, opening a school in a third-world country. Only because of God will this actually take place.

The Centro Educativo Presbiteriano de La Ceiba (the Presbyterian Education Center of La Ceiba) is fully constructed, fully staffed, fully legal and ready to go. There are a few minor things that still have to be sorted out…like…we have no computers for our computer lab, most of our text books have still not arrived and we don’t yet know exactly how many students will attend. But, we are thrilled that God has given us the pleasure of working out these problems. The school will open in the first year teaching only 7th grade (1st year of Honduran high school). We will add 8th grade in 2015, 9th grade in 2016 and so on.

photo 2Our staff (from top to bottom in the picture) consists of Maribel (Director & Teacher), Dania (Secretary & Teacher), Julile (Assistant Director & Teacher), Pastor Jesús (Bible Teacher), and Kathy Clow (English Teacher). We are so excited to have this staff. Every staff member is a Christian and they all truly have hearts to glorify the Lord.

Please be in prayer that the 8,492 remaining details that still need to be sorted out, are taken care of. Pray for our staff, the kids and that God is glorified by the opening of this school.

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