Medical Clinics In Las Delicias

photo 3In the past five weeks our team has hosted three mobile medical clinics in the community of Las Delicias. This super-poor community is where our teammates, Adam and Michelle Cain, are working and plan to ultimately plant a church. The Cains, Erin and Dr. Roger have been working at each clinic to help introduce our ministry to this new community.

The free clinics have been held in the one-room, 150 sq. ft. kindergarten school house. Over the span of their three clinics they have treated 180 patients. They’ve distributed vitamins and parasite medicine and have addressed lots of diabetes and wound care. They even discovered and treated a case of Leishmaniasis. This is a rare parasite transmitted by the bite of a sand fly, which cause infections and has a high mortality rate.

photo 4Adam has been working intake and checking vital signs, Michelle has been learning pharmacy from Erin and Dr. Roger has been treating patients. Everyone is learning their part and bringing glory to the Lord.

These clinics are a wonderful way to show the destitute in Las Delicias the mercy and Justice of Jesus Christ as well as a great way to introduce the Cains to the community.

Please be in prayer for future clinics. Pray for the people of Las Delicias and pray the Cains are able work toward a new church plant in the community.