School Supplies For 535 Kids

photo 4On Thursday our team organized our sixth annual school supply distribution for the kids of Armenia Bonito. This was the least chaotic of our six school supply distributions we’ve hosted. Never before have so many kids received school supplies from us. We gave school supplies to 535 kids.

The school year in Honduras begins in February and ends in November. Public school is “free” up to the sixth grade, but the kids must pay for their own uniforms and school supplies. The average person in Honduras makes $4,000/year and the unemployment rate is above 30%. Most families in Honduras are struggling to afford food. This means that if a parent sends their child to school they may have to make the choice between purchasing rice photo 3and beans for their kids or notebooks and pencils. Because of this tough choice many parents do not send their children to school. We have been told by many parents that our annual school supply distribution is the only way their family could afford to send their kids to school.

We hosted the school supply distribution at our ministry center. We had 10 gringos and 15 Honduran volunteers. The kids waited outside and were led in, in groups of 10. They received notebooks, erasers, compasses, pencils, sharpeners, pens, colored markers and much more. Our team of volunteers did an amazing job. All 535 kids received school supplies in less than 1 hour.

Thanks so much to the individuals and churches from the U.S. who sent school supplies and money to make this event a reality. Watch the 1 minute 30 second video HERE.