Our Fourth Church Plant In Honduras

photo 4Pastor Donaldo Morales is the newest pastor of the Presbyterian Church in Honduras. Pastor Donaldo is our fourth church-planting pastor in La Ceiba, Honduras. He will work towards starting our fourth Presbyterian church in Honduras.

Donaldo has already begun holding Bible studies in his home in the community of Edén. He and his wife Ricta have hosted up to 20 adults in their modest home behind the Atlántida public hospital. The prayer is that this will rapidly grow into a full fledged church.

Donaldo is 53-years-old and has nine kids living in his simple home. He and his wife Ricta are Garifuna and live in a predominantly Garifuna community. The Garifuna are black caribs. As it relates to the gospel, the Garifuna are one of the largest under-reached people groups in Honduras.

photo 3Pastor Donaldo has worked many jobs, but this is his first pastoral assignment. He has completed 12-years of school, which is very rare in Honduras. He is excited to work with our denomination and looks forward to growing. He attended and worked in a Presbyterian church in the U.S. for several years. Our commitment to him includes providing theological books and basic resources.

Some of the Reformed theological beliefs are new to Pastor Donaldo. He is excited to study and go deeper with his theology. Mike will meet with him weekly for mentoring.

Please be in prayer for Pastor Donaldo as he is eager to grow our fourth church.