Our Christian High School Is Open

suentsOn Monday, February 10th our new high school opened for business. The Centro Educativo Presbiteriano de La Ceiba (the Presbyterian Education Center of La Ceiba) held its first day of classes. The 24 seventh graders arrived in their crisp new uniforms, carrying brand new backpacks full of school supplies.

This first day of class was the culmination of work by dozens of people over the past three years. It was very emotional for us to see it all come together.

photo 5The staff organized a nice event. Each of the five teachers introduced themselves and talked about the classes they are going to teach. The Director talked about the special opportunity the students were receiving. Two of our Presbyterian pastors were present. Pastor Israel gave a short message from Genesis 1:1 and pastor Jesús prayed for the kids. The kids sang the Honduran national anthem and introduced themselves. At the end the teachers gave the kids a snack to celebrate the special occasion.

photo 7If you’d like to see a short video of the first day click HERE.

We are excited beyond words that these kids will be receiving a quality Christian education. Less than one-third of Hondurans go to school beyond the sixth grade. That makes this a rare opportunity for these kids. Our tuition is one of the cheapest in La Ceiba. This will ensure our students receive the best education for the price in the region.

Please join us in praying for our 24 students and five staff.