Two Clinics In Two Communities

pic 1On Monday and Tuesday of this week we put on two medical clinics and served nearly 150 people. Greg and Tom from Trinity Presbyterian in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania have been great in helping us serve so many people.

On Monday Erin, Madison, Dr. Greg, Dr. Roger, Tom and our teammates Adam and Michelle Cain put on a huge medical clinic in Las Delicias. This is a new community where the Cains have been doing daily ministry. The clinic was put on in a small house in the community. They served 81 people, including 17 with Dr. Greg’s portable ultrasound machine.

pic 2Tuesday the group headed out to Armenia Bonito and treated 46 patients in our medical clinic. Dr. Greg treated 19 with the ultrasound. Abi and Rebekah joined the crew to help lighten the load. When they arrived before 8am the clinic was packed. Many patients were turned away due to the large numbers. The same crew will be in Armenia Bonito the rest of the week serving the community with more medical clinics.

pic 3Also on Tuesday Mike and Tom went into town and purchased 50 plastic chairs. They then drove around to each of our four church plants and gave the chairs to the pastors. Mike and Tom visited each church site and visited with the pastors. After spending some time with the pastors Mike and Tom prayed for them, their families and the churches.

Many people have been blessed and served these past few days.