Our next MTW mandated furlough begins in 100-days. On June 28th we will pack up and head to the U.S. for 9-months. Our mission sending agency (MTW) refers to furlough as Home Ministry Assignment. This is probably a better term than furlough. As we learned on our last furlough (4-years ago) it is more running around than resting. In our case, we have supporting churches in seven states and four time zones. Our supporting churches are in Washington, Utah, California, Arizona, South Carolina, Georgia and Alabama. Time will be spent with each of them sharing all the amazing things God is doing in Honduras.

Last time we went on furlough we were anxious. We neither wanted to leave our ministry nor Honduras behind. This upcoming furlough is different and we’ve been quite forthright about it. Erin and Mike are exhausted. We are emotionally, physically and spiritually spent. The last eight months have been very hard and very stressful on us. It is time to get away for a little so we can again fall in love with our team, our ministry, Hondurans and Honduras. A fresh perspective and a clear head is what we seek. Frankly, we need a little time being consumers and not producers.

It is thrilling knowing our teammates are more than capable of excelling without us and knowing our ministries will be in good hands. In addition, our daughter will start her freshman year of college in the fall and it will be great to be there to help get her started.

Our biggest concern right now is that we want to give 100% to the next 100-days. Please be in prayer that we do not focus on the future, but that we put forth our best efforts to glorify God here in Honduras each of the next 100-days.