First Meeting Of Presbyterian Pastors In Honduras

photo 1On Wednesday Mike hosted the first ever meeting of all five of the pastors planting churches with our Presbyterian Church in Honduras. It was a wonderful first meeting that bore much fruit for the kingdom.

While Mike knows these pastors well and meets with each of them weekly, some of the pastors had never met each other. Our two and half hour meeting began with each pastor introducing himself and talking about his vision for his church. Pastor Israel (pastoral trainer) preached a brief message and prayed for the group. Mike talked about the history of the denomination and our plans for the future. Each of our photo 2pastors attended the meeting; pastor Jesús (of Armenia Bonito), pastor Olvidio (of La Fe), pastor Donaldo (of Eden) and pastor Vincente (of Danto). The group was so excited by the meeting they asked to meet again next month.

Following the meeting Mike drove the group on a one and half hour tour to visit every church site and every ministry under the Presbyterian Church in Honduras.

This was a well needed meeting. Many questions were answered and many plans were made for the future.

Please be in prayer for these pastors, their congregations and for Mike’s leadership of the group.