Maddy Is Going To College

MaddyOur missionary daughter Maddy has determined that beginning in the Fall of 2014 she will attend John Brown University (JBU) in Siloam Springs, Arkansas. Following nearly seven months of college applications, phone interviews and chasing scholarships it is official. She will study Graphic Design.

JBU is a small Christian college with 2,200 students.  It was ranked as the #2 bachelorette college in the southern region by US News & World Report. JBU is in western Arkansas in the 15,000-person town of Siloam Springs. Smithsonian magazine ranked Siloam Springs as one of the top 20 small towns in the US.

jbuMaddy was accepted to five small Christian colleges and received substantive scholarship offers from three of them. JBU offered the best balance between finances, a quality Graphic Design program and a solid Christian foundation.

Please pray for Maddy as she prepares to say goodbye to Honduras and her friends here and to start the next chapter of her life four countries away. After living in Latin America for seven years it will be a adjustment for her.