Ceiling For 2nd Clinic And Floor For Seminary

pour2Our normal construction works plus nine temporary day laborers put in an 11-hour day to pour the concrete roof over our second medical clinic in downtown La Ceiba. In the midst of an 87 degree/80% humidity day these men mixed, laid down and smoothed 127 bags of cement…by hand. They did much of the mixing on the ground and had to haul it up the second floor. These men are animals.

This now puts a roof over our second medical clinic on the ground floor and completes the floor for our theological seminary on the second floor. It also creates a drive through tunnel at the front of the property. Outstanding.

pourThis is an amazing maximization of space on our little 1/8th of an acre plot of land in downtown La Ceiba. Our workers are building up instead of out. The clinic will eventually serve a desperate population while the future seminary will provide theological education to poorly educated pastors and church leaders.

Please pray for the health of our workers and for the funds needed to continue construction. If you are interested in financially supporting the further construction of these buildings you can make a tax-free contribution online with your credit card by going HERE.