Our School Has Been Open For Two Months

school 2On February 10th our new Christian high school opened. The Centro Educativo Presbiteriano de La Ceiba (the Presbyterian Education Center of La Ceiba) has 25 students and after two months of instruction we can report things are going very well.

This week the students are taking their first quarter exams. They have a test in each subject. Next week is a national holiday and every school takes off the entire week for Holy Week (Semana Santa).

Our school is in the middle of Armenia Bonito, a super-poor community outside of La Ceiba, Honduras. Less than one-third of the kids in this community attend high school. In fact, before our school opened, there wasn’t a high school within walking distance.

school 1Thus far, we are thrilled with our students and teachers. The kids are receiving a quality, affordable, Christian based education. Our tuition is the second cheapest high school tuition in La Ceiba. The kids are being taught a basic core curriculum. In addition they are learning English, computers and Bible. Each day they study a little Spurgeon and in Bible class they are studying the Westminster Confession of Faith.

Our school is not without problems. We have a computer lab that has no computers and a library that has no books. The funds just don’t exist to provide some of the basics. If you’d like to prayerfully contribute to the purchasing of computers and books you can make an online contribution right HERE.

Please pray we have the finances to properly educate the kids and pray they continue to grow in education and faith.