When I Grow Up…

betteWhen I grow up I want to be a fireman…astronaut…ninja. These are common contemplations of a child. When does that fascination with the future end? In our case, never. Erin and Mike are two missionaries, in our mid-40s, serving in our dream job. Yet, we still strive for more when we grow up.

When we grow up we want to be…Bette McGee. Bette is the 82-year-old grandmother of our teammate Shannon Ordoňez. Bette took her first mission trip to visit us in Honduras two years ago. Bette loves Jesus and embraces the Great Commission. She loves to share the mercy of Christ with all. She serves on the Missions Committee of her local church and is an inspiration to all believers.

Bette wrote a great article titled “Funraising” For Missions in the most recent Network magazine. The article is enjoyable and we commend it to all. Bette shatters so many of the excuses we have for not serving Jesus and she is an amazing example of selfless, God-honoring, service to others.

So, we love being missionaries and are thrilled God has called us to this privilege, but when we grow up we want to be Bette McGee. But, for now, we are honored to have her as a friend.