McLaughlins Here For a Visit

mclOur teammates, Seth and Renee McLaughlin, are here in La Ceiba, Honduras for a week. They have spent the past nine months in Costa Rica learning Spanish. In August they will arrive in La Ceiba to work with us fulltime.

The McLaughlins have a busy week with us here in La Ceiba. Seth will join Mike and the rest of the men of Team Honduras participating in our second annual Men’s Retreat. Renee will join Erin in our medical clinic all week. Erin will be training Renee how our medical procedures work.

Renee, a physician assistant, will ultimately run the second medical clinic we are building in downtown La Ceiba. Since we leave for furlough on June 28th, a month before the McLaughlins report for duty, Erin needs to take this time to show Renee the ropes.

It is exciting to have our teammates here for a week. Please pray for the three of them.