Third Meeting Of Presbyterian Pastors In Honduras

Monday Mike hosted the third meeting of all five of the pastors planting churches with our Presbyterian Church in Honduras. Our existing pastors, Israel (pastoral trainer), Jesús (Armenia Bonito), Olvidio (La Fe), Donaldo (Eden) and Vincente (Danto) all attended.

photo 4Israel started the two and a half hour meeting with prayer and a brief sharing of the Word. He talked about being citizens of Heaven and not residents of this world.

Mike talked about the importance of praying for each other and for their congregations. On the fly, Mike translated the article “9 Things You Should Know About Prayer in the Bible.” The pastors loved it and took notes to use for future sermons. Mike also talked about the role of the upcoming short-term mission teams and about our departure for furlough on June 28th.

photo 5Pastor Israel then brought up our very first controversial issue. He discussed creating an emergency pastors fund. Each of the five pastors would contribute $2.50 every six months and any of the pastors could use the money for a family medical emergency. The topic received heated debate and passed on a 4-1 vote (Mike participates in debate, but doesn’t vote). The exciting thing is, all five pastors then paid into the fund. The dissenting pastor didn’t refuse to pay or threaten to leave the denomination. It looks like the Presbyterian Church in Honduras passed its first test…dissension, respectful debate and then unity.

Please continue to pray for our pastors, their congregations and for Mike’s leadership of the group.