Gangs, Guns And God – Gang Leader Turns To Christ

photo 5Previously we talked about our interactions with the MS-13 gang living in Armenia Bonito. We first wrote on how Mike and pastor Jesús had guns put to their heads the first day they met the gang. We then wrote and told you how Mike was meeting with the gang’s leader regularly to share the gospel with him and pray with him. And, we most recently told how the police have been pressuring the gang and violence was slowing down.

Here is where the story gets good. Brady, the gang’s leader, called Mike on Monday and said he is now following Christ and has left the gang. Brady said he turned his life over to Christ, gave his guns away and is now attending his mom’s church. Mike went by Brady’s house for a visit and took a stack of Bibles as a gift for his mom’s blbleschurch. Mike had previously given Brady a MacArthur Study Bible and he is using it. Brady has been walking through Armenia Bonito and lifting up his shirt to show people he doesn’t have a gun in his belt, then says, “I don’t have a gun, but I have a weapon.” He then reads from the Bible Mike gave him.

Mike explained he was thrilled Brady’s sins were forgiven and that he was justified in the Lord. He reminded Brady while this put him in good standing with the Creator of the Universe, the government of Honduras has different standards. Mike said, “You are still in danger and you still may be called to pay for your crimes.” Brady acknowledged this is a concern but that he will, “put that in God’s hands.”

rockThe rest of Brady’s life will, at best, be hard. His MS-13 gang tattoos carry with them pain. He is responsible for much death and suffering. For the rest of his life he must worry about rival gangs, the police and the vengeance seeking relatives of his victims.

Please pray with us that Brady’s conversion is genuine and permanent. Please pray the new leader of the Armenia Bonito gang, Juan de Dios, is not violent. And, pray God will continue to use our mission team to bring himself glory.

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