Seeking Help In Honduras

suentsTeam Honduras is at a crossroads and we are unsure what God wants of us. All we know for certain is we need your prayers. We can be great planners, communicators and workers, but in the end we need to rest where we should have started…asking for prayer.

On Friday we had to fire four of our construction workers. This breaks our hearts, as these are all men with wives and kids. Our project in Armenia Bonito is simply out of money and we don’t have other options. In fact, we are very close to being forced to shut down our brand new Christian high school. It just doesn’t look like we have the funds to pay our teachers through May, let alone the rest of the school year.

Our remaining construction workers, our teachers and our 25 students are all so dear to us. All we want to do is show them God’s great grace and his immeasurable mercy. It is so hard to explain how much it hurts to think we are about to injure the very people God called us to serve.

IMG_3066Will you please be part of an incredible miracle? Will you please show us, and the Hondurans we serve, just our huge God is? First, please pray. Pray God reminds us of his greatness. Second, will you please consider sharing your financial blessings with the people of Honduras? If you can make a financial contribution you will help a kid stay in school, a worker build a church and a teacher put food on her table. Please click HERE to make a tax-deductible contribution with your credit or debit card.

Finally, please share this urgent request via e-mail, Facebook and Twitter. Encourage your church and friends to prayerfully consider supporting this Christ honoring ministry.