Our Daughter Finishes School Logo

photo 2Our daughter Maddy is a budding graphic design artist. She designed and created the logo for our new Christian high school in Armenia Bonito. The new logo is proudly displayed on the front of the high school and atop all of the school’s official documents and letterhead.

Maddy worked in conjunction with the school’s Director to design the logo to her specification. It is a colorful scene with an empty cross on a grassy hill and the rising sun behind it. The logo has the Logo Finalschool’s name (Presbyterian Education Center of La Ceiba) above and motto “study, discipline, love and faith” underneath.

Maddy designed the logo on her computer. She made a color and a black and white version for the school staff to use as they see fit. She also painted the logo on the front of the school freehand. It is very colorful to reflect the Latin culture. The staff and the students love the paint job.

photoAs many of you know, Maddy is almost 18-years-old and in August will begin studying Graphic Design at John Brown University in Arkansas. She has participated in ministry for the entire six-years we have been in Honduras. She watch the high school grow from an empty lot of overgrown jungle to a functioning institution. She is thrilled to have been able to place the cherry on top.

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  1. Really like the logo! Might be signicant fund raiser if you put it,with the lettering, on tee shirts to sell to the gringo short term missionaries while we are there with you. Everybody should have a souvenir from the trip. Se you in a few weeks!

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