This Guy Needs Your Prayers

You’ve read about Brady before. Brady was the leader of the MS-13 gang that held guns to the heads of pastor Jesús and Mike. Brady was the leader of the gang responsible for extorting, raping and killing people in Armenia Bonito. Brady was the gang member who Mike evangelized, read the Bible with and prayed with. Brady was the gang member shot at and chased out of the community by the police. And, Brady is one of the newest Christians in Honduras.

photoNow, let us introduce you to our brother Brady. Brady is just 19-years-old. He grew up in La Ceiba in a super-poor community in the second poorest country in the Western Hemisphere. Before Brady was a teenager his family needed money for food. Honduras has a 30% unemployment rate and there weren’t many jobs for kids without skills. Brady turned to the streets and joined a gang. In the rapidly growing drug-trade in Honduras Brady found plenty of opportunities to make money. For years Brady ran drugs and murdered. He extorted innocent people and robbed to make money.

On the weekend of May 3rd Brady prayed to become a Christian. With his tattooed arms raised in the air he asked to be a disciple gun bibleof Christ. The same hands that previously held a 9mm handgun now grasped his new Bible as if it were a lifejacket.

Brady knows his sins have been paid for by the blood of Christ, but he is discovering that same payment is insufficient to appease the government of Honduras or the gangs seeking retaliation. In the last two weeks Brady has been hunted down and chased by both police and gang members alike. But, now he does not have other gang members to watch his back and he has given his guns away. Brady has barely slept in two-weeks because he is certain every footfall, car door or barking dog is a signal he is being visited by an assassin.

On Monday Mike met with Brady for nearly two hours to talk about Brady’s options and to pray with him. They studied Scripture and shared their hearts. Brady cried about the pain he has caused so many. He knows he deserves death for the suffering he has caused. He knows there is no place, save the arms of Jesus, where he is safe from retaliation.

The picture above is the first one we have ever taken of Brady. In the year we have known him he has never allowed us to take his picture. But, on Monday he asked Mike to take this picture and put it on the web. He wants his brothers and sisters in Christ, all over the world, to pray for him. He wants you to see the picture of him clutching his new MacArthur Study Bible. Brady knows putting this picture on the internet is risky for him, but he covets your prayers that much. Please pray for Brady and pray for the families of Brady’s numerous victims. Pray Brady can use his incredible testimony to glorify the Lord and encourage others to stay out of gangs and follow Christ.

Please share this post with others so thousands of Christians will be praying that our new brother Brady can glorify the Lord.

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  1. So very encouraging to hear about this. We will be praying for this guy and for the rest of his former associates.

  2. He should be sent to the USA to speak to boys that have been in gangs. My husband is a teacher at a school and boys home in Iowa. There are many boys whose hearts could be changed from his testimony.

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