Advanced Medical Leadership Training

photo 3From last Sunday to Saturday we hosted MTW’s Advanced Medical Leadership Training. This is a seven-day training held every year to help instruct trained medical personnel and non-medical personal how to organize and host a short-term medical mission team.

We hosted 28 students and seven MTW staff in a local hotel here in La Ceiba. The 28 students are all Christians from the United States who have a huge heart for missions and want to get further involved in medical missions.

photo 2This is the second time our ministry has hosted this training in Honduras. The first time we hosted the training was in the spring of 2010. You can watch a short video of that training HERE.

From Sunday to Wednesday the students attended eight-hours of classes and practical training per day. The staff instructed the students on numerous topics including clinic safety, photo 4properly serving the fulltime ministries, food and water safety, common third-world problems, caring for your workers and more.

On Thursday and Friday the participants hosted two medical clinics in our church-planting communities. This gave some of the students a chance to host their first ever medical clinic. On Thursday the group hosted a clinic in Las Delicias, where the Cains are church planting. On Friday they hosted a clinic Armenia Bonito where our family works. Each day they treated approximately 100 patients.

This is a great benefit for our ministry as it serves our communities and provides exposure for our ministry. But, beyond benefitting us, it provides an opportunity to glorify the Lord around the world. We were able to use our ministry to help train and certify 28 people on how to put on medical mission trips. Those 28 people will now begin traveling around the world to provide the grace, mercy and justice of Jesus Christ.