The Mission Team Built By God

photo 5Our mission team in Honduras consists of 11 adults and 12 kids. Some have been here less than a year and others for six years. Our ages range from 18 to 46 and we originate from nine different states in the US. Some of us minister to street kids, single moms or pastors. The work we are doing varies from medical, to mercy, to construction, to church planting. Our personalities, temperaments and upbringings are all very different. Yes, we disagree and get frustrated at each other and fight. Sometimes there is more to drive us apart than to bring us together.

So, what is so special about this mission team serving in La Ceiba, Honduras? We are special because we were selected by God. Now, that certainly doesn’t mean we are the best, photo 6brightest or most qualified. But, it does mean we are the exact assortment of personalities, abilities, strengths and weaknesses that God wants here to do his work at this moment. Each member of our team has a part to play and is special to the Lord’s purpose.

Because we know God’s plan is more important than our personal comfort we strive to support each other. In spite of our differences we provide for each other and care for each other. We share kid duties and counsel each other and help each other. Our mission team, regardless of our differences, serves and reaches out when others are down or suffering.

Weekly we pray together and study together and sing together. We socialize in small groups and at team wide events. We are not all best friends, but we love each other. We try to show each other the grace and mercy of God.

Missions is hard and our team is not the perfect mission team, but we are the best mission team we have ever come across. We don’t always like each other, but we always love each other.

Our mission team was built by God to serve him right here and right now. Therefore our team is exactly what God wanted. Apart we are insufficient, but together our strengths complement each other to create an amazing force for God. Next year our team will change and evolve as our ministry evolves. We look forward to addressing those new challenges together.