Building A Reformed Theological Seminary In Honduras

pourIn Honduras theological famine is rampant. The average Honduran has 6.1 years of education, and that applies to the men preaching in the pulpits of churches. The theological education of many pastors stops in their youth. To combat this shortage of biblical training we are currently constructing a seminary in La Ceiba, Honduras. The floor is poured and many of the books are already purchased.

Over the years we have handed out thousands of theological books and tens of thousands of Bibles in Honduras. Pastors, church leaders and lay Christians snatch them up and consume them as fast as they can get their hands on them. photo 6Our team has hosted a dozen theological conferences and seen 80 people cram into a small room to hear quality teaching.

Many pastors teach bad theology from the pulpit only because that is all they know. We have seen, time and again, when we give a pastor a quality theology book he preaches from that book for weeks.

When our seminary is finished we will provide reformed theological training, not only to the church planting pastors associated with our Presbyterian Church in Honduras, but to pastors of all denominations. Our seminary library will be full of Piper, Sproul, Spurgeon and Warfield. Our classes will teach literal biblical grace-filled truth, not manmade, performance based theology.

We have been given a matching grant to finish construction on our seminary. If we raise $15,400 we will be given an additional $7,700 in matching funds. For every $2 you give we receive $3. That is a wonderful way to make your resources more impactful and to help us open this seminary. If you’d like to make a onetime, tax-deductible, online donation with your debit or credit card go HERE.

Please pray for this seminary and share this great blessing with your friends and family.