Short-Term Missionaries Showing Mercy

photo 1 (1)This week we are hosting 23 short-term missionaries from all over the U.S. The missionaries come from two very different teams, and they are doing lots of amazing work.

One of the teams consists of nine missionaries from various churches in the Northern California Presbytery. They are combining forces with a 14 person team of medical missionaries.

This week they will be hosting medical clinics and doing photo 3construction work in our church plant sites of La Fe, Las Delicias and Armenia Bonito. Combined the group has three RNs, four doctors, an optometrist, a physical therapist, an epidemiologist and several medical students. This group will be hosting four medical clinics. The other non-medical folks are working on construction projects to help our church plants.

The two groups arrived on Saturday. On Sunday they attended Gringo church and Honduran church. They photo 2 (1)received a tour of La Ceiba and Erin provided a child sexual abuse prevention training.

On Monday the whole crew went out to Las Delicias and put on a medical clinic and did construction work on a community school house. The group treated 203 patients at the medical clinic.

Please be in prayer for safety, hydration and the ability to share the mercy and justice of Christ.