One Million Video Views

youtubeOur ministry hosts a YouTube channel which currently hosts 242 original videos we produced about our ministry in Honduras. Those videos have now been viewed more than one million times.

We uploaded our first video in 2007 and have produced videos covering all facets of our ministry, Honduran culture and our family.

On average, our 242 videos have been viewed 4,000 times and our videos have received 11,000views per month. Check out our YouTube channel HERE and take a look at some of the videos.

Communication is very important to us. We believe that while God has called us to live in Honduras he has also called you to pray for and support this ministry. These videos help you to look into the eyes and hear the appreciation of those we partner together to serve.

This type of exposure for our ministry is unprecedented among cross-cultural missionaries. The technology has allowed us to communicate regularly with our supporting churches and has allowed thousands of people to discover our work who would have never seen it.