Four Churches In Honduras

The Lord has given us a great burden and a wonderful opportunity to plant Honduran run churches. To date we have planted four Presbyterian churches in the city of La Ceiba. Our team is thrilled with the progress and are eager to plant more.

imageThe first church we planted was in Armenia Bonito. Pastor Jesús runs this congregation. The church currently worships on the indoor soccer field located on our property. We are actively constructing a church building on the same property. This congregation has actively ministered to youth and especially with gang members.

imageOur church plant in the super-poor community of La Fe has been amazing. Pastor Ovidio has done a wonderful job. The church building is simply six thick tree branches sunk into the ground for support, a tin roof and a dirt floor. The little structure with borrowed power has been attracting large crowds.

imagePastor Vincente has been leading our third church plant in the community of Danto. The church has been renting an old storefront, but will soon be moving to a simple rent-free wooden structure. The congregation is reaching out to younger kids in the community. They are offering a rare children’s Bible study.

imagePastor Donaldo has been leading a small church out of his home in the community of Eden. Donaldo’s family is Garifuna (Carribean black) and they have been ministering heavily to that culture. The church has a very strong mercy and prayer ministry to the patients of the nearby public hospital.

Please be in prayer for these four churches and their pastors and for future church plants.