Short-Term Teams Without Us

imageOver six years ago our family arrived in Honduras. Since then our mission team has hosted 70+ short-term mission teams and over 700 short-term missionaries. Last week was the very first time our family was not in Honduras to help host a short-term team. This week is the second. It feels odd for us.

Our missionary teammates are more than capable of doing a great job of hosting teams and putting out fires. In fact, we couldn’t imagine a better group of missionaries to do the job. So, it is not a lack of trust in our teammates or a lack of faith in God’s sovereignty that is weird. It is that, well, this is our baby. We birthed Team Honduras and raised it from a gangly infant to a well oiled machine.

imageIt is just strange. We can’t be more articulate than that. As our awesome teammates are sweating through long days and guiding short-term teams through their daily paces, we are… well… not there. We know that we don’t need to be in the middle of it all for it to function well. In fact, many things will run smoother without us.

But, through all the changes and growth of Team Honduras, the one constant has always been the Pettengill family. We have been there for every short-term team, and now we are not. It just feels weird.

Please pray for our incredible teammates and the short-term teams they host this summer.

2 thoughts on “Short-Term Teams Without Us”

  1. Mike,

    It feels weird because it IS weird.

    Hang in there brother and get ready to preach it at Grace. The Honduras flag will be displayed…

    Cheers, John

  2. Rest assured we’ve been praying for them corporately (e.g, Tom DeKleer) while you’ve been in furlough.

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