Summer Conference In NC

Since Monday our family has been at Ridge Haven in North Carolina participating in MTW’s Summer Conference. MTW missionaries from all over the globe gather here with there families every summer for rejuvenation and reconnecting. In our nearly eight years with MTW this is our first time attending Summer Conference.

imageMaddy stayed in the teen dorms. She socialized with missionary kids her own age and was cared for by MTWs incredible group of missionaries who work with the Global Youth and Family Missions. Missionaries kids frequently feel out of place in their home countries and out of place in their adopted countries. Surrounded by dozens of other missionary kids who can relate and empathize with Maddy a rare and amazing treat for her.

imageThe adult missionaries were guided through a series daily lectures and prayer by pastor Charles Hooper. In addition the adults were provided nightly worship services. The cooking was taken care of, recreation was organized and planned and rest was highly encouraged.

For our family this was a great week to have long discussions with the only odd-balls who can truly relate to us; other missionaries. We appreciate all the MTW staff who made this week a time to heal and be refreshed. We really needed this.