Helping MTW Interns Return

Much of this week Mike spent in the MTW home office in Lawrenceville, GA. He helped at the Summer Intern Re-Entry. This summer MTW sent out dozens of summer interns to work with dozens of mission teams throughout the world. This week those interns returned to the US have serving around the world for two-months. Mike and other MTW staff helped the interns process what they had experienced on the mission field. For many returning to the US after serving cross-culturally can be difficult. This event provided these valuable interns with the tools they needed to properly cope with their return.

On Tuesday Mike met many of the interns. He had lunch with the three summer interns who served with us in Honduras. It was a sweet imagereunion. In the afternoon he helped conduct private interviews with the interns. He sat down with interns who served in Costa Rica, Japan, Ireland and Ethiopia. He asked tough questions and helped the interns think about their experiences. He prayed with each of them and supported some through their tears and emotions.

imageWednesday Mike started the day by providing a morning devotional for all the interns. He discussed God’s calling for all Christians to serve as missionaries. He helped them understand God wants us to reach the lost in the US and around the world.