East Coast Tour Ends, Now Headed West

On June 28th we left Honduras and landed in Philadelphia. Our East Coast tour continued until August 4th. During those five weeks we traveled through 15 states, slept in 13 locations and visited with eight churches. Mike preached five times, we passed out 200 information packets and shared our ministry with several hundred new individuals.

mississippi-river-signWe have crossed the Mississippi River and we have headed west. Until May our home base will be in Phoenix, AZ. This will be a good central location for us as we have seven supporting churches in Arizona, six supporting churches in California, two supporting churches in Washington and one in Utah. We will be very busy during the remainder of our furlough and will not be able to schedule private meetings. We’d love to see you. Here is a partial list of our scheduled visits for the remainder of 2014. Please mark your calendar. We hope to see you there:

August 10 – Phoenix United Reformed Church – Phoenix, AZ

August 17 – Redeemer Presbyterian Church – Santa Rosa, CA

September 7 – Ridge Presbyterian Church – Paradise, CA

September 28 – Dessert Palms Church – Chandler, AZ

October 3 – Northern California Presbytery Meeting – Roseville, CA

October 4 – Open House – Sacramento, CA

October 5 – Faith Presbyterian Church – Sonoma, CA

October 18-19 – Aliso Creek Presbyterian Church – Laguna Niguel, CA

October 26 – Rincon Mountain Presbyterian Church – Tucson, AZ

November 9 – Covenant Community Church – Scottsdale, AZ

November 15-16 – Covenant Presbyterian Church – Paso Robles, CA

November 30 – Valley Springs Presbyterian Church – Roseville, CA

December 6 – Open House – Elk Grove, CA