Amazing Ministries To Missionaries

Missionaries don’t go on the mission field because they are seeking great benefit or because they are expecting things to come easy. Often times it is quite the opposite. In fact, this blog post is being written to express amazing gratitude to several folks who dedicate their time and resources to making life better for missionaries.

In the past month we have been truly blessed by three great servants of the Lord and we want to ask you to pray for them and thank God for them:

image1)  Righteous Rides is a ministry that exists solely to provide vehicles for missionaries on furlough. They maintain a fleet of almost 80 cars that they provide to missionaries at an astonishingly low price. When we picked up our minivan from them they gave us personalized care packages, a blanket embroidered with our last name and a promise to pray for us while we are on furlough.

2) Alice Hatch is a clinical psychologist who assists MTW‘s missionaries and staff. She assesses, debriefs and handles emergencies. Alice makes herself available to counsel missionaries in person or over the phone. Many on our team, including our family, have benefited greatly from Alice’s wise counsel and God-honoring guidance.

image3) The Missionary Care Center of First Baptist Church, Atlanta provides an amazing service to itinerating and furloughing missionaries. They run a clothes closet that is stalked with clothes and household goods. They allow missionaries to “shop” through their store and select new and gently used items. Everything is free. So, if your daughter is going off to college or you don’t own cold weather clothes, this is the place for you.

These three ministries have blessed our family greatly and brought us humbly to tears. You don’t know true embarrassment and pride until you can’t cope with your own problems, can’t afford underwear and can’t transport yourself…all at the same time. Praise God for these unsung heroes who serve missionaries.