New Church Building In Honduras

In February Pastor Donaldo Morales became our fourth Presbyterian pastor in La Ceiba, Honduras. He began holding Bible studies, then church services out of the small front room in his already cramped home. The church quickly outgrew the tiny space.

imageWith the help of short-term mission teams we have constructed a simple open-air church on the front of Donaldo’s home. With a raised floor and a slanted tin roof this structure will protect the congregation from the oppressive sun and flooding rain. Immediately the church will have enough space to more than triple in size. This simple structure provides an amazing blessing for the church and the community of Eden.

Our long-term and shot-term missionaries joined together with nationals to build this simple church structureimage. Pastor Donaldo smiled throughout the construction as he witnessed brothers and sisters uniting for God’s glory, regardless of skin color, language or nationality. Pastor Donaldo was given the honor of driving the final nail and the missionaries and nationals joined together to cover the new church in prayer and offer a blessing for the congregation.

Please be in prayer that pastor Donaldo and his congregation can glorify the Lord in their new church.