2014 Short-Term Missions Review

In 2014 Team Honduras hosted 13 short-term mission teams comprising 143 missionaries. Since the summer of 2008 we have hosted a total of 74 short-term mission teams consisting of 758 short-term missionaries.

Much concern has been expressed about the violence in Honduras, and rightfully so, Honduras has the highest murder rate in the world. However, no short-term missionary we have ever hosted has experienced a violent crime or theft.

Our team does not host short-term mission teams out of obligation or because we are mandated. We host mission teams because they are a blessing to our ministry and us. In 2014 we hosted three medical brigades and other teams who did lots of construction, discipleship and built lots of relationships with Hondurans. Our mission teams came from PA, SC, IL, CA, NC, AZ, FL, and TN and included missionaries younger than 10 and older than 80.

The Apostle Paul was a long-term missionary who advanced Christianity through short-term missions.  It is widely accepted that Paul seldom stayed longer than a few months or even weeks in a single location. What about Jonah, Jesus, the 12, the 70? We can say short-term mission principles were used throughout the bible to expand the early church.

With a Christ-centered, servant’s heart short-term missions can be used to aide the needy, educate fellow believers and expand God’s kingdom in all corners of the globe. Short-term missions has and will continue to have a healthy role in the advancement of Christianity.