Houston, We Have A Problem


matrixOur mission sending agency Mission to The World does a wonderful job taking care of the 620 long-term missionaries and over 5,000 short-term missionaries that go out into the world each year. However, there are occasional glitches in the Matrix and messes need to be cleaned up. This is one of those occasions and we need your help cleaning up the spilled milk.

While transitioning over to a fancy, new, more user friendly, computer system it appears MTW experienced a technical difficulty. All of our financial partners who contribute to our ministry via automatic, monthly withdraws from their bank account or credit card were impacted. If you give to our ministry through electronic funds transfer your July contribution was not made. This does NOT impact you if you write checks each month.

The good news is it only happened to those making contributions to the Pettengills, and no other missionaries. The e-mailbad news is the missing contributions have to be recuperated manually. In an effort to not surprise supporters MTW doesn’t want to simply go back and retroactively pull out the July contributions without permission. So, if you make monthly contributions to the Pettengill’s ministry work via automatic withdraw, please e-mail Mike with permission for your July contribution to be taken out of your account.

The problem has been rectified and all automatic contributions from August, moving forward will occur per usual.

If you’d like to start making automatic monthly contributions to our ministry from your checking or debit/credit card please download THIS FORM, fill it out and mail it in.