Erin’s New Job

photo 1

Our ministry budget was established to allow us to live in La Ceiba, Honduras. Needless to say, living in the U.S. on a budget designed for us to live in a third world country is very difficult. In order to help us live in the U.S. during our furlough we decided Erin would get a job to help us make ends meet.

Erin just got hired to work as a pediatric nurse for the Phoenix Children’s Hospital. She was hired for a per diem position and will be able to fill in one to three shifts per week. Erin who has been a Registered Nurse for 19 years. Her experience as a pediatric nurse in California and her rare experiences in Honduras make her a great value to any hospital.

While Erin works to help pay our increased cost of living, Mike will be the one who does the bulk of the traveling to present our ministry in churches.

Please pray Erin can find rest while she earn a paycheck and serves needy children in the U.S.