Expository Preaching Seminar

imageOn Thursday Mike attended a one-day seminar on the topic of Expository Preaching in Phoenix, AZ. The event was organized by the Arizona Regional Chapter of The Gospel Coalition. The event was attended by over 125 pastors, seminary students and church leaders. Speakers included Tim Savage, Josh Vincent, Rich Richardson and Luke Simmons.

The main presentations included the topics of “The Big Picture of Expositional Preaching,” “The Three Horizons of Expositional Preaching,” “The Heartbeat of Expositional Preaching” and “Connecting the Application of Expositional Preaching.” The heart of each of the presenters and the discussion panels was that preachers and teachers of the gospel should avoid styles, gimmicks and fads that take the focus from the Bible. Instead, preaching and teaching should focus only on Scripture and the deliverer of the message should get out of the way. Scripture is sufficient in and of itself and does not need our jokes, stories or charismatic delivery to succeed.

This was a great event with quality teaching. For $10 each participant received top notch speakers, a book on Expositional Preaching and a boxed lunch. Amen!