5000 Tweets

twitter-jesusOn Wednesday we sent out our 5000th tweet from our Twitter account. This is a testament to the value we place on communicating our ministry with those who support us and pray for our ministry in Honduras. Mike has talked much and written articles on the importance of missionary communication.

We started using Twitter back in February of 2011. That means we have been sending out, on average, 3.7 tweets a day. These are photographs, updates, prayer requests, newsletters, blogs and much more to keep what-would-jesus-tweetyou informed on how God is moving in Honduras and through our family. The nice thing about Twitter is you don’t have to own a Twitter account to follow us. Our Twitter posts are automatically reposted to our website and to our ministry Facebook page.

Why do we use Twitter? Twitter has over 645 million users and 135,000 new users each day. Twitter is a rare media source that is used, at some level, by all age groups, income levels, genders, ethnicities and nationalities.

Others have asked us, “How do you have time to do ministry if you are reporting about ministry all the time?” First, it is easy and doesn’t take much time. Tweets are 140 characters and most blogs are 300 words and are quick to do. Second, and most importantly, a major part of our ministry is communication to our prayer partners and supporters. Our supporters are part of our ministry and deserve to be kept informed how their dollars and prayers impact God’s kingdom. If God is glorified by great things happening in Honduras, he is even more glorified if we shout it from the cyber-mountaintops.

No matter how you keep up with what is going on in our family and in our ministry, our prayer is it helps you to learn how to better pray for God’s work in Honduras.