Upcoming Visit To Roseville, CA

P1040079We’d like to invite you to Roseville this Sunday. This coming Sunday Erin and Mike will be speaking at Valley Springs Presbyterian Church in Roseville, CA. We will be afforded the opportunity to speak in front of both morning services and we will have a chance to speak during the kids Sunday school. We will have a lunch with members of the VSPC missions committee and we will have a table of information in the entryway. Valley Springs has been a supporter of our work in Honduras for almost eight years. The last time we visited Valley Springs was December of 2010.

Our time in Northern California is very limited and full of meetings with family and ministry supporters. Because of this we will not be scheduling any private visits. We are asking our friends who wish to meet with us to attend this Sunday service in Roseville or the Saturday open house from 10:00 am to 1:00pm at Soaring Oaks Presbyterian Church in Elk Grove, CA.

Please pray for our travels and our ability to convey God’s glory when we share about our work.