Mentoring New Missionaries

B25yhGNIUAEPKJZOn Wednesday Mike and Erin had a final mentoring session with Anthony and Adrienne, who are new missionaries heading to a closed country. Since August we have been meeting regularly to mentor this couple who attend Roosevelt Community Church in Phoenix, AZ.

Over eight mentoring sessions we covered topics like communication, finances, prayer, missionary care, home church and conflict resolution. Mike and Erin were able to share with Anthony and Adrienne some of their experiences and lessons learned while serving as missionaries since August of 2007.

Mike had several meetings with the Roosevelt staff and agreed to help prepare the couple for the mission field. They are being sent by a newer missions organization which has few resources.

It was a great joy to benefit future missionaries and help to prepare Anthony and Adrienne for their upcoming missions work. Please pray for them as they hope to depart within the next month.