Erin Evaluates New Missionaries

imageFrom Monday through Thursday Erin has been evaluating and counseling new MTW missionaries. Erin has been working with 16 new missionaries candidates at MTW’s Readiness Evaluation (REV). The four-day REV is taking place in Atlanta.

This process is one of the tools that MTW uses to assess and train potential missionaries before they head to the field. The missionaries are being put through various scenarios and are being observed and evaluated. At the end of the process Erin and the other assessors will give input on how each missionary did. Each missionary will be provided with several ways to improve on their deficiencies and enhance their strengths. In some cases candidates are prevented from serving as missionaries with MTW.

Erin provides a trained and experienced eye and adds an important perspective to both the assessors and missionary candidates. Erin will fly back to Phoenix on Friday.