Lots To Pray About For Team Honduras

One of the hardest parts about furlough is watching life and ministry move forward without you. Our family landed in La Ceiba, Honduras over 6 1/2 years ago and started Team Honduras. We have spent much of that time helping our missionary teammates and national partners glorify God. We always knew they could do it without us, but we are sad and conflicted that so much is happening and we aren’t there.

Our primary role in supporting our team, when we are on furlough, is praying fervently. Will you please join us in praying for Team Honduras?

1) Shannon just gave birth to twins in San Pedro Sula. Shannon, Lesther and the babies are all doing well.

Ovidio2) Our team had to prayerfully part ways with our Honduran Pastor Ovidio. Ovidio has been pastoring our church plant in La Fe.

3) Dr. Roger, the Honduran doctor running our medical clinic in Armenia Bonito, is getting married.

school 24) Our Presbyterian High School is about to start its 2nd school year. This year we are adding a new grade.

5) This week three of our teammates and four Honduran pastors are traveling to Managua, Nicaragua. In Managua they will join MTW missionaries and Presbyterian pastors from Costa Rica, Belize, Nicaragua, Honduras and Panama for the first ever meeting of Central American Presbyterian pastors.

Please pray for all our missionary teammates and national partners. The next few weeks should be crazy.


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  1. Thanks for the update. You all are always in our prayers, individually and as a church. Hope they have found a replacement pastor. And sending wishes/congratulations to Dr. Roger but I must say that we had hoped to match make with one of our girls 🙂 Thanking God for all of you, the work you have started, the school as it starts its second year and for us getting to participate through prayer. Love you all!

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