Two PA Churches In Honduras

This past week a 10-person mission team from Pennsylvania visited our ministry in La Ceiba, Honduras. The short-term team consisted of missionaries from Trinity Presbyterian Church from Harrisburg, PA and Manor Presbyterian Church from Cochranville, PA. These two churches have been huge supporters of our work in Honduras for years.

imageOn Monday the team hosted a medical clinic in the community of La Fe, where our teammates Mike and Ashley minister to daily. The community was eager to be served by the ultrasound and the dentist. Part of the team went to our church plant in Eden and water sealed the wooden floor on the porch our pastor uses for a church.

imageOn Tuesday they hosted a medical clinic in the community of La Delicias, where Adam and Michelle minister daily. They hosted another successful medical clinic and served in the community. The got to know people and they helped at a construction sight by transporting a huge load of sand up a hill in 5-gallon buckets.

imageOn Wednesday part of the team went to our newest church planting site in El Trejo. The put on a medical clininic in the home if pastor Vincente. The other part of the team returned to the community of La Fe where they stained a community outhouse and hung doors.

On Thursday the group held a medical clinic at our church plant in the community of Eden. A smaller portion of the group wen to our Presbyterian high school in Armenia Bonito and taught and English class to our students who attend there.

groupOn Friday the team concluded their ministry in Honduras by dividing an concurring. Part of the team went to Armenia Bonito and put on their 5th medical clinic in five days in five desperate communities. The other half of the group did construction work and ministry with street kids in our downtown ministry center.

This was a busy and amazing week of ministry. Thanks to the two churches for their hard work and sacrifice.