80 Days Until Honduras

On May 9th we will conclude our furlough and return to Honduras. We began our furlough a little tired and wounded from our experiences. The rest and down time which is assumed during furlough has been quite elusive. However, the healing has started. It turns out the stress and hardship that wore us down, has best been addressed by sharing our ministry with others.

Most weeks during furlough have been spent talking about our ministry and dialoguing about the amazing work God has been doing through us. We have continuously talked about Honduras and the lives impacted by our work there. Our tales have elicited praise toward God and emotions from the people who hear them, including us. Sharing God’s glory has been a wonderful ointment for our wounds.

Our bodies need more rest, but our hearts are healing and almost ready to return to Honduras. The tears we shed each week in talking about Honduras are real. We are excited about glorifying God, and starting to process a return to our adopted home.

Lots of travel and glorification of God is still ahead of us in the next 80 days. Pray we can continue to glorify God and pray we can find the emotional and spiritual healing we still seek.