Mike On The Radio In Phoenix

imageOn Monday Mike was a guest on Urban Theologian Radio. This is a weekly Christian radio program that airs every Sunday at 5pm in Phoenix on AM 1360.

While in the studio Mike was able to help record two shows that will both air in March. The  shows were on the topics of “The Real St. Patrick” and “New Apostles & Prophets.” The utlogo_greybgcopyfirst topic was on separating the true life of Patrick, the missionary to Ireland, from the myths of St. Patrick. That show will air March 15th. The second topic was on a false apostle and prophet phenomenon sweeping the globe. That show will air March 29th. Mike provided practical examples he has experienced in Latin America.

The two shows are both 30 minutes in length. After the shows air we will provide links to each, or you can keep an eye on the two websites provided above. This was a fun way to provide greater exposure to our ministry in Honduras and to help provide a missions perspective.