Erin Visits Maddy

imageThis past weekend Erin traveled to Siloam Springs, AR to visit our daughter at John Brown University (JBU). It was Family Weekend at JBU and Erin and Maddy attended lots of events and had loads of fun.

During the Family Weekend events Erin and Maddy attended a student variety show, an art exhibit, several group meals and two chapel services. It was lots of fun to see campus life and get to know the professors and staff.

imageErin and Maddy also enjoyed eating out together and visiting the neighboring “big town” of Fayetteville.

The two of them were also able take care of some business by doing some banking, laundry and shopping.

It was a mixed bag of fun and work, but the bottom line is Maddy and Erin were able to spend time together in Maddy’s world.

Pray for our daughter as she continues her freshman year at JBU and pray for her parents as they continue to miss their baby.