Furlough Summary

airport_travelOn May 9th we fly to Honduras and bring to a close our 10-month furlough. When a missionary takes furlough it is confusing to many people. Some people have asked if we just lay on the couch for the duration. Others have been disgusted that we don’t lay on the couch at all.

Our mission sending agency, Mission to the World, refers to furlough as Home Mission Assignment. The implication being there is little rest going on during furlough, and lots of sharing our ministry with old and new partners.

Here is what the work part of our furlough looked like:

– We visited 26 states in the U.S.

– We visited five countries.

– We presented our ministry to 28 churches (almost three churches every four Sundays).

– Erin worked 61 shifts at Phoenix Children’s Hospital.

– We drove 40,000 miles (1,000 miles a week).

We did lots of work and had lots of fun. We reconnected with friends and family and made new partners. We are now excited to get back to Honduras and serve Christ there.