Mike’s Seminary Progress Report

rtsFor 3 1/2 years Mike has been taking online seminary classes from Reformed Theological Seminary (RTS). He has been steadily pursuing a Master’s Degree of Biblical Studies. Mike has completed 13 classes and is more than halfway through the 66 unit degree.

Through the RTS Global Education system Mike downloads and listens to all the lectures, takes exams, submits papers, and participates in class discussions with students and professors. Some of the course texts can be downloaded in e-format, while others must be shipped from the US.

imageIn about three more years Mike will have completed the degree and learned both Hebrew and Greek, studied all 66 books of the Bible, examined systematic theology and explored church history. These studies have been immediately applicable to our ministry in Honduras and is preparing Mike for eventual ordination as a pastor within the PCA.

Praise God for this amazing opportunity that would be unthinkable just 10 years ago.