23 Years With The Right Kind Of Woman

weddingJune 6th is our 23rd wedding anniversary. It is also the eighth anniversary in a row we have spent together outside the U.S. For recent anniversaries I (Mike) have written about Erin (16th and 21st). I talked about what an amazing wife she is to me and mother she is to Maddy.

Two things stand out in her in the past few years; 1) the mother she is to hundreds, and 2) her unwavering loyalty as a wife.

Erin has always put Maddy first in her life. But, in the nearly eight years since we have lived outside the US, I have seen her adopt (figuratively) hundreds if not thousands of children. Kids who don’t have parents or whose parents don’t have the time, skills or inclination to love their kids. Erin has bandaged hundreds of bleeding knees, hugged hundreds of crying children and disciplined hundreds of naughty kids. She has selflessly been the surrogate parent without being asked. She loves Jesus and she wants others to experience his mercy and joy. Even when we were on furlough, she was most comfortable helping dying children with cancer while working at Phoenix Children’s Hospital. Those in need always have a home in Erin’s embrace.

imageErin has been amazingly dedicated to her husban. She is so blindly loyal, she will take my side in a dispute with others even when I am wrong. Erin supports me and my ministry unconditionally. For me, the past 18 months have been hard and painful. I have struggled through many issues. Erin and been there for me unquestioningly. While my life outside the home has been hard, the same period has been the best time in our marriage (for me) because Erin was there to love me and to allow me to lean into her.

The consummate mother and wife. I am looking forward to the next 23 years baby.

2 thoughts on “23 Years With The Right Kind Of Woman”

  1. Thanks for sharing…especially love the “she has even taken my side when I am wrong”.(one time right?)..you both have that “crazy love” for God and for each other, in that order which is so important…thanks for sharing your thoughts and your lives with all of us!

  2. Erin is amazing even almost 30 years after meeting her in high school.

    For her to be married to you for 23 years means you’re quite the man, so take that info into consideration.

    May you both be blessed in the love that Christ has for you and has given you in the Holy Spirit ☺

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