Update On Maddy In Germany

drawing 1As many of you know, our daughter Maddy is in the middle of a 5-week at tour in Germany. She is with a dozen other students and faculty from John Brown University (JBU). She will receive nine college credits for drawing, painting and studying her way across Germany. This once-in-a-lifetime trip was made possible by Erin working extra nursing shifts while we were on furlough in Phoenix.

Maddy is approaching the halfway point of her trip and we wanted to update you on the incredible experiences of our precious 19-year-old. Many of you have continued to pray for her over the years and we want you to rejoice with her.

grafitiIn Berlin graffiti art is a huge influence. The art is done for many reasons. Sometimes the graffiti art is done to make a political or social statement. Other times the graffiti art is done to provide a free canvas for budding or struggling artists. Either way, much of the graffiti art is stunning. Much of it is sanctioned by building owners or municipalities, while some is not. It ranges from annoying and obscene to stunning and beautiful. Maddy has become enamored with graffiti art and has written a lengthy report on one of the anonymous artists.

sculptureGermany is known for its plethora of museums, from history to art to culture. The group travels regularly to museums to view art from throughout history and all over the world. Paintings, sculpture, architecture and more. This provides an amazingly rounded perspective and an insight to art that few college students will ever see firsthand. Maddy has been astonished by much of the early and ethnic art.

imageNo matter the art style, the group has been receiving daily morning lectures from the JBU art staff about what they are about to see later in the day. The group then travels to experience and discuss the art together. While there they all sketch their favorite work in their journals. At night they sketch more and write in their journals about their views of what they have seen that day.

Please pray for Madison and the other students. Pray for social interactions, health, safety, experience and that they all glorify God in all they do.