Erin Evaluating Missionaries In Atlanta

Edited_ImageEasyImageEditor_20150729_1On Saturday Erin traveled to Atlanta, GA where she has spent the entire week serving as an evaluator for new MTW missionary candidates. She and other MTW evaluators are taking potential missionaries through a week of training and evaluation called Readiness Evaluation (REV). This is a mandated training for all of MTW’s career missionaries. Many missionaries jokingly refer to REV as missionary boot camp.

Erin and the other evaluators are all experienced missionaries. The candidates are all people who have applied to MTW to be future missionaries. REV is one of the intensive MTW trainings and evaluations MTW uses to prepare a missionary and determine if they are ready for the mission field. Each day of REV is 8-12 hours of intensive and emotional interactions. The heavy stress frequently results in a flood of positive and negative emotions.

On Saturday Erin flies back to Honduras.